Brow Lamination East Kilbride

Looking to improve your brow game? If you would like to try something new to change the look of your eyebrows, why not consider getting a brow lamination? It has been one of this year’s top trends and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. Again same as with HD Brows, there is no one size fits all with brow lamination. We can achieve a very natural and sleek look or a more brushed up dramatic look, it is entirely up to you. We are able to provide brow laminations in our East Kilbride studio, why not book in for a free consultation.

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What exactly is it?

A Brow lamination involves chemically straightening the brow hair and carefully positioning them the way you want, whether that be upright and bushy to achieve a striking look often associated with lamination or up and over which would provide a more natural looking shape.

Once positioned they will be set in place and coloured with a custom tint that matches your hair/complexion, then wax & tweeze them to perfect the look before lastly applying some castor oil to keep them moisturised.


Maintaining laminated eyebrows couldn’t be easier, simply brush them through with castor oil every other evening, you can purchase this from my studio.

When you wake up in the morning, depending on how you sleep your brows may need to be brushed but they are very low maintenance, simply brush them carefully and they will revert back into the straightened shape from when we did your lamination.