HD Brow Treatment

HD Brow is a 7 step process involving facial mapping to create the perfect brow for you personally! HD Brow treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all and is very unique to each individual, and everyone will look different. we take our time during the consultation with you to make sure we are both on the same page which will allow us to create a great brow that fits your face perfectly. HD brow isn’t an overnight transformation, although you will leave after your first appointment feeling fabulous. It should be thought of as a work in progress and will take a number of appointments to craft the perfect brow especially if you are starting with a brow that is sparse or overplucked. Through a careful regrowth & upkeep plan, we can take any brow and transform it into your dream brow in no time. For best results leave 4-6 weeks between appointments.


Unless you have a reaction to the tint, anyone can have HD brows, even if you have over plucked brows just now, we can help you get the brows you desire by making a regrowth program

A typical appointment will be finished within 45 minutes however, we would always say to allocate an hour to be safe.

Yes 100%, some people will be allergic to the tint however we take precautions by having our clients take a patch test before their treatment.

A HD Brow Treatment costs £35,  however keep an eye on our offers page as we regularly run offers.