Dermal Filler East Kilbride

Dermal fillers are a great way to enhance or smoothen out lines on different parts of the face. Whether you want new fillers or would like to dissolve old fillers we can help you from our beautiful studio in East Kilbride. We pride ourselves on how we make our customers feel, especially as a lot of people getting fillers or botox for the first time can be nervous, we will make you feel calm and take you through the process from consultation to aftercare as stress free as possible.

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What is filler?

Filler is a term you will hear bandied about quite a lot but not a lot of people actually know what they are. Dermal fillers are made primarily of hyaluronic acid and are used to inject into areas of soft tissue. Fillers are quite versatile and there is a lot of different things you can do with them ranging from adding volume, augmenting the look of specific facial parts to smoothening out areas of skin. Dermal fillers look can acheive beautiful striking looks when paired with a botox plan, many of our clients feel much more confident and younger looking

Who is filler for?

Filler is for anyone over the age of 18. People often associate dermal fillers with women but we service both male and female clients. Fillers are often used to improve the appearance of parts of the face that our customers may not be happy with or feel self-conscious about. Our of all of the areas to use filler, the lips are by far the most common use-case.

Lip Enhancement

Using dermal filler we can enhance the look of your lips in any way you like, this client had filler in both lips but the goal was to develop the upper lip as she felt self-conscious and wanted a more traditional looking smile. We feel we achieved a fantastic transformation whilst still having a natural-looking smile 

Dermal Filler Correction

Over time filler will start to dissolve naturally over a period of 6-18 months. This client had come to us having previously visited another clinic. She said she was happy with her lips at first but once they started to dissolve she felt as if part of her smile was starting to droop. We performed a filler correction to even out her lips and return her lip shape to how it previously looked.

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Lip Filler East Kilbride

If you are looking for dermal filler in East Kilbride, we are able to improve the appearance of several areas of the face using dermal fillers in our beautiful studio. We also offer a range of Botox treatments and beauty procedures such as lash lift, brown lamination and lash extensions.

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Cheek Filler

Our cheek filler treatment is a quick and painless way to transform the look of your face. We first have a consultation to make sure we understand the look you are trying to achieve, before adding filler to your cheek area. The end results can vary greatly depending on your goal, for example, someone who has a thin face may look to add plumpness to their cheeks whereas someone with a fuller round face may want to add a more sharp look which can create definition. The feedback we have received from our clients is that they feel much younger once their treatment is settled which gives them more confidence. We are able to package up filler treatments and give a complete transformation to the client’s face, it is very common to combine cheeks, chin and jaw filler to create a striking and beautiful look.

Jaw Filler

As we age the lower jaw loses definition which can lead to the proportions of your face changing and making the skin appear loose and saggy. We offer jaw filler which can combat many of the signs of ageing as well as create amazing results. As with all our treatments, we first have a consultation to fully understand your motivations for getting the treatment and find out your dream look. There are various looks we can achieve ranging from very striking and defined or very natural and feminine. Jaw filler can also restore definition to rounder faces and when coupled with cheek filler can transform the look of your face.